Surface Preparation of Concrete for Epoxy Floor Coating

The AMPP The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (previously NACE & SSPC) published a standard for the Surface Preparation of Concrete prior to application for floor coating.

The objective of surface preparation is to produce a concrete surface that is suitable for application and adhesion of the specified protective coating system.

NACE No. 6/SSPC-SP 13 – 2013 – Section 4.1.1

Surface Preparation Process

Carmat Coatings and Allied Products, Inc. ensures that we adhere to these standards and follows this process.

  1. Inspect concrete for any defects. Concrete must have a comprehensive strenth of at least 3,000 PSI and must be fully cured.
  2. Remove dirt, loose material and other surface contaminants.
  3. Mechanical surface preparation using planetary grinder. For floors with existing coating the use of scarifying machine, shot blasting, or other mechanical equipment may be required.
  4. Surface profiling.
    1. Apply epoxy sealer/primer on cracks and crevices.
    2. Fill cracks using grout & mortar and/or epoxy putty.
  5. Remove dust and clean concrete using vacuum and damp mopping prior to application.

Chemical cleaning is recommended for heavily soiled or oil-soaked concrete. Flush out chemicals with water and let dry before carrying out mechanical surface preparation.

Once surface preparation is complete the area must remain dry, keep concrete free from moisture and water.