Carmacoat FS Floor Solutions

Manufactured by Carmacoat. Installated by Carmacoat.

Carmacoat FS22SR Slip Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating

Carmacoat FS22SR Slip-Resistant Floor Coating is a two-layer coating with a minimum thickness of 800 microns. This economical floor coating increases the wear resistance and durability of concrete. Best used for outdoors or wet areas.

Recommended for outdoors, wet areas, parking lots, and garages

Carmacoat FS25IG Industrial-Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Carmacoat FS25IG Industrial-Grade Floor Coating is a multi-layered epoxy floor coating. The coating’s design can withstand forklift traffic, having an average thickness of 2,000 microns. The top layer can be either Self-Levlling (SL) or Slip Resistant (SR) depending on the requirement.

Recommended for production and manufacturing industries, workshops, warehouses, docking bays.

Carmacoat FS31DF Designer Flake

Carmacoat FS31DF Designer Flake is a decorative floor coating with an epoxy base coat. It has a textured finish for indoor or a slip-resistant finish for outdoor use. Choose a base color and combine it with a choice of flake design by Designer Flake Australia. (FS31DF-SR/TX)

Recommended for commercial and residential spaces, showrooms and garages, pool areas and luxury bathrooms.

Carmacoat FS23RZ Rubberized Epoxy Based Floor Coating

Carmacoat FS23RZ Rubberized Floor Coating is hard wearing compared to traditional rubberized coating due to its epoxy base coat. This floor solution is best used for indoor or outdoor play areas that require a smooth finish.

Recommended for indoor and outdoor play areas.

Carmacoat FS24SL Self-Levelling Epoxy Floor Coating

Carmacaot FS24SL Self-Levelling Coating is a two-layered seamless epoxy floor coating. It has a high gloss, smooth finish that is easy to maintain, perfect for areas where hygene is essential.

Recommended for food manufacturing and production areas, commissaries, kitchens, cleanrooms, restaurants, and commercial spaces.

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