Carmacoat® FS 22 NS


Carmacoat® FS 22 NS is a floor coating solution that is economical, with good mechanical strength, and a non-slip finish.

Best Uses

  • Production wet areas.
  • Car parks.
  • Roof deck and outdoors.

Application Process

  1. Surface preparation – Mechanical grinding of floor, chemical cleaning and dust removal.
  2. Surface profiling – Repair of cracks and patching of holes using Carmacoat® DPS and GM.
  3. Application of Carmacoat® 105 P as primer with heavy broadcast.
  4. Use of Carmacoat® 105 P as putty on uneven areas.
  5. Application of Carmacoat® 204 TC top coat with broadcast.


Broadcast textured finish with a thickness of 0.5mm to 0.8mm*.

*Thickness is theoretical and does not factor in porosity and unevenness of the substrate.