Carmacoat® EPX 204 TC


Carmacoat® EPX 204 TC is a 2-part Self Leveling Floor Epoxy coating with good mechanical and chemical resistance. Use as a self levelling top coat for a high gloss finish or with broadcast for a non slip surface.


20403A (Part A)2.6 KG~ 2 L4L tub
20403B (Part B)1.0 KG~ 1 L1L tub
Part A + B3.6 KG~ 3 L
20414A (Part A)10.4 KG~ 8 L16L pail
20414B (Part B)4.0 KG~ 4 L4L tub
Part A + B14.4 KG ~ 12 L


Part A – colored paint.
Part B – clear liquid.

Mixing Ratio

Part A : Part B = 2.6 :1 by weight

Pot Life

> 20° C : ~25 minutes  ||  > 30° C : ~15 minutes

Recommended Coverage

Self Levelling: 1sqm per 1 Liter at 1000 μm
Non Slip: 3sqm with broadcast per 1 Liter  

Curing Time

Ambient TempFoot TrafficeLight TrafficFull Cure
+ 30° C~12 hrs~24 hrs~3 days
+ 20° C~24 hrs~2 days~5 days

Shelf Life

12 months from date of production.

Storage Condition

The product must be stored in the original, unopened, undamaged container. Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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