Carmacoat EPX 106 P

Technical Data Sheet


Carmacoat EPX 106 P is a 2-part epoxy floor coating primer providing good adhesion to concrete and good mechanical properties. Use as a primer, sealer, and as a binder for grout & mortar.


10603A (Part A)2.3 KG~1.7 L4 L tub
10603B (Part B)1.0 KG~1.0 L1 L tub
Part A + B3.3 KG~2.7 L
10613A (Part A)9.2 KG~6.8 L16 L pail
10613B (Part B)4.0 KG~4.0 L4 L tub
Part A + B13.2 KG~10.8 L


Part A – Gray Liquid
Part B – Yellowish Liquid

Mixing Instruction

Mixing Ratio: Part A 2.3 KG : Part B 1.0 KG by weight.
The area must be ready for coating prior to mixing. The entire surface must be prepared in accordance with SSPC rules and regulations. Read guide Surface Prepartion of Concrete for Epoxy Floor Coating.

Stir Part A until the color of the paint is uniform. Add Part B to Part A and mix thoroughly and let it sit. Paint will warm up to indicate when ready. The mixture will start to thicken once pot life is reached.

Add patching powder to desired consistency to use as putty. Combine with 40 mesh silica sand as grout and mortar.

Pot Life

Ambient temperature > 20°C – 30°C ~ 25mins; > 30°C ~15 mins


Apply a light coat using a paint roller or floor squeegee and broadcast heavily with 40 mesh silica sand.
Coverage: 20 SQM.

Curing Time

Ambient Temperature Overcoat
+30°C ~4 hrs
+20°C ~ 8 hrs

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of production.

Storage Condition

The product must be stored in its original, unopened, undamaged container. Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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